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کارت کنترلر دستگاه CNC باپشتبیاتی از نرم افزار MACH3 و پشتبیانی از پنچ محور و دارای پورت LTP



Completely support MACH3 and the other softs that use LPT port
USB Power supply and external power supply separate to protect your PC
Wide range external power supply voltage, 12 - 24V, and preventing reverse connection
All the input signals are separated by photocouplers, and they can be connected to Estop, Probe and Limit switches, which makes your computer safe
One relay output can be connected to spindle switch with using P17
0-10V photocoupler separated analog voltage output can be connected to Frequency converter by using to control the spindle speed with P1
All 17 LPT ports are available, they can be connected to stepping motor drivers and control five stepping motor
P1 can be used to output PWM signal, and can control the spindle Speed Regulator that has aphotocoupler for input
Can be connected to stepping motor drivers using common anode or common cathode input connection
All of the LPT port names are printed on board, easy to be used


Fit for: Mach3 CNC
Material: Plastic, Electronic Parts
"Fixing Hole Dia: 3.5mm/0.14
Supply Voltage: DC 12-24V

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