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ماژول جوی استیک اورجینال

ماژول جوی استیک 5 پین دو محوره به همراه تک سویچ
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توجه: حداقل تعداد خرید این محصول 1 عدد می باشد.
پکیج: Module وزن: 10.0g ابعاد: 3.5x3.4x2.7 دیتاشیت
دسته بندی اصلی: ماژول و سنسور ها

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ماژول جوی استیک 5 پین دو محوره به همراه تک سویچ


این ماژول دارای دو خروجی انالوگ محور X.Y و یک خروجی تک سویچ است 

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This module is designed to bring joystick control to your project. This is a thumbstick module which can be used to provide X and Y positions for potential use in control input. Furthermore as with gaming console thumbsticks this module includes a push switch when the stick is pressed in. As a means of adding control to your project there is no more intuitive a method then one that modern day has accustomed us to through game consoles.

Many tutorials and guides are available for use with microcontrollers such as the Arduino, if you require any assistance with using the module please to not hesitate to contact us using the “Ask a question” below.

The pins are suited to standard sockets with a pin pitch of 2.54mm.

Pin Description:


5V 5V DC

VRx X position

VRy Y position

SW Switch state


Single Joystick Module

34 x 27 x 35mm (l x w x h)

Potentiometer for both X and Y movements

5 Pin connection

Press button

Spring return joystick

Rubberized thumbstick

Fast activation time

M3.5 27/20mm separated mounting holes

Compatible with Arduino

Designed to be compatible with standard 2.54mm sockets

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