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Power Integrations
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ایسی سوئیچینگ افلاین - کانورتر Power Integrations LNK625PG, AC-DC Converter, 5 V dc 7-Pin Energy-Efficient, Off-line Switcher with Accurate Primary-side Constant-Voltage (CV) Control ایسی سوئیچینگ افلاین - کانورتر


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The LinkSwitchTM-CV dramatically simplifies low power, constant voltage (CV) converter design through a revolutionary control technique which eliminates the need for both an optocoupler and secondary CV control circuitry while providing very tight output voltage regulation. The combination of proprietary IC trimming and E-Shield transformer construction techniques enables Clampless designs with the LinkSwitch-CV LNK623/4. LinkSwitch-CV provides excellent cross-regulation for multiple-output flyback applications such as DVDs and STBs. A 725 V power MOSFET and ON/OFF control state machine, self-biasing, frequency jittering, cycle-by-cycle current limit, and hysteretic thermal shutdown circuitry are all incorporated onto one IC.

Key Features

  • Output Power - Adapter : 10.5 W
  • Output Power - Open Frame : 17 W
  • Dramatically Simplifies CV Converters
  • Eliminates optocoupler and all secondary CV control circuitry
  • Eliminates bias winding supply – IC is self biasing
  • Advanced Performance Features
  • Compensates for external component temperature variations
  • Very tight IC parameter tolerances using proprietary trimming technology
  • Continuous and/or discontinuous mode operation for design flexibility
  • Frequency jittering greatly reduces EMI filter cost
  • Even tighter output tolerances achievable with external resistor selection/trimming
  • Green Package
    • Halogen free and ROHS compliant package

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