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LM318/LM318N اورجینال

ای سی تقویت کننده،اپ امپ با پهنای باند 15 مگاهرتز و ولتاژ کاری f ±5Vتا ±20V ولت Operational Amplifiers
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ای سی تقویت کننده،اپ امپ با پهنای باند 15 مگاهرتز و ولتاژ کاری f ±5Vتا ±20V ولت Operational Amplifiers


 دریافت دیتا شیت


 The LM118 series are precision high speed operational amplifiers designed for applications requiring wide bandwidth and high slew rate. They feature a factor of ten increase in speed over general purpose devices without sacrificing DC performance. The LM118 series has internal unity gain frequency compensation. This considerably simplifies its application since no external components are Op necessary for operation. However, unlike most Amps internally compensated amplifiers, external frequency compensation may be added for optimum performance. For inverting applications, feedforward compensation will boost the slew rate to over 150V/μs and almost double the bandwidth. Overcompensation can be used with the amplifier for greater stability when maximum bandwidth is not needed. Further, a single capacitor can be added to reduce the 0.1% settling time to under 1 μs. The high speed and fast settling time of these op amps make them useful in A/D converters, oscillators, active filters, sample and hold circuits, or general purpose amplifiers. These devices are easy to apply and offer an order of magnitude better AC performance than industry standards such as the LM709. The LM218-N is identical to the LM118 except that the LM218-N has its performance specified over a −25°C to +85°C temperature range. The LM318-N is specified from 0°C to +70°C.


 15 MHz Small Signal Bandwidth

 Ensured 50V/μs Slew Rate

 Maximum Bias Current of 250 nA

 Operates from Supplies of ±5V to ±20V

 Internal Frequency Compensation

 Input and Output Overload Protected

 Pin Compatible with General Purpose Op Amps

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