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TDA 2030A/TDA2030A-18W
گروه اصلی
دیتا شیت
قیمت فروش
21,300 تومان 18,100 تومان
20,700 تومان 17,600 تومان
20,200 تومان 17,200 تومان
19,600 تومان 16,700 تومان

ای سی تقویت کننده صوت ،آمپلی فایر صدا 1 کاناله 18 وات و ولتاژ کاری ±6 تا ±22 ولت 18W Hi-Fi AMPLIFIER AND 35W DRIVER


 دریافت دیتا شیت


The TDA2030A is a monolithic IC in Pentawatt  package intended for use as low frequency class AB amplifier. With VS max = 44V it is particularly suited for more reliable applications without regulated supply and for 35W driver circuits using low-cost complementary pairs. The TDA2030A provides high output current and has very low harmonic and cross-over distortion. Further the device incorporates a short circuit protection system comprising an arrangement for automatically limiting the dissipated power so as to keep the working point of the output transistors within their safe operating area. A conventional thermal shut-down system is also included

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