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ای سی کنترلر اترنت به صورت Full-Duplex با پشتیبانی از Plug and Play با رم داخلی 16 کیلو بایت Realtek Full-Duplex Ethernet Controller with Plug and Play Function (RealPNP)


 دریافت دیتا شیت


 -pin PQFP 100

 RTL8019 software compatible

( Supports PnP auto detect mode (RTL8019AS only

 Compliant to Ethernet II and IEEE802.3 10Base5, 10Base2, 10BaseT

 Software compatible with NE2000 on both 8 and 16-bit slots m Supports both jumper and jumperless modes

 Supports Microsoft‘s Plug and Play configuration for jumperless mode

 Supports Full-Duplex Ethernet function to double channel bandwidth

 :Supports three level power down modes

  • Sleep
  •  Power down with internal clock running
  • Power down with internal clock halted
  •  Built-in data prefetch function to improve performance
  •  (Supports UTP, AUI & BNC auto-detect (RTL8019AS only
  •  Supports auto polarity correction for 10BaseT
  •  Support 8 IRQ lines
  •  Supports 16 I/O base address options and extra I/O address fully decode mode (RTL8019AS only) m Supports 16K, 32K, 64K and 16K-page mode access to BROM (up to 256 pages with 16K bytes/page) Supports BROM disable command to release memory after remote boot
  •  (Supports flash memory read/write (RTL8019AS only
  •  (16k byte SRAM built in (RTL8019AS only
  •  Use 9346 (64*16-bit EEPROM) to store resource configurations and ID parameters
  •  Capable of programming blank 9346 on board for manufacturing convenience
  •  Support 4 diagnostic LED pins with programmable outputs
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