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TNY278PN اورجینال

ای سی تغذیه 16 وات،آفلاین سوئیچر Energy-Effi cient, Off-Line Switcher With Enhanced Flexibility and Extended Power Range
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پکیج: DIP-8 ابعاد: 0.3x0.9x0.6 دیتاشیت

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ای سی تغذیه 16 وات،آفلاین سوئیچر Energy-Effi cient, Off-Line Switcher With Enhanced Flexibility and Extended Power Range


 دریافت دیتا شیت

Product Highlights

 Lowest System Cost with Enhanced Flexibility

 Simple ON/OFF control, no loop compensation needed

 Selectable current limit through BP/M capacitor value

 Higher current limit extends peak power or, in open frame applications, maximum continuous power

Lower current limit improves effi ciency in enclosed adapters/chargers

 Allows optimum TinySwitch-III choice by swapping devices with no other circuit redesign

 Tight I2 f parameter tolerance reduces system cost

 Maximizes MOSFET and magnetics power delivery

Minimizes max overload power, reducing cost of transformer, primary clamp & secondary components

ON-time extension – extends low line regulation range/hold-up time to reduce input bulk capacitance

Self-biased: no bias winding or bias components

Frequency jittering reduces EMI fi lter costs

Pin-out simplifi es heatsinking to the PCB

SOURCE pins are electrically quiet for low EMI

 Enhanced Safety and Reliability Features

 Accurate hysteretic thermal shutdown protection with automatic recovery eliminates need for manual reset

Improved auto-restart delivers 3% of maximum power in short circuit and open loop fault conditions

Output overvoltage shutdown with optional Zener

 Line undervoltage detect threshold set using a single optional resistor

 Very low component count enhances reliability and enables single-sided printed circuit board layout

High bandwidth provides fast turn on with no overshoot and excellent transient load response

Extended creepage between DRAIN and all other pins improves fi eld reliability

 EcoSmart® – Extremely Energy Effi cient

 Easily meets all global energy effi ciency regulations

No-load 150 mW at 265 VAC without bias winding 50 mW with bias winding

 ON/OFF control provides constant effi ciency down to very light loads – ideal for mandatory CEC regulations and 1 W PC

standby requirements


Chargers/adapters for cell/cordless phones, PDAs, digital cameras, MP3/portable audio, shavers, etc

PC Standby and other auxiliary supplies

DVD/PVR and other low power set top decoders

Supplies for appliances, industrial systems, metering, etc

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