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نام قطعه
ماژول ESP-07
نام کامل قطعه
دیتا شیت
قیمت فروش
67,400 تومان
66,800 تومان
66,000 تومان
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ماژول WIFI قابل تنظیم به صورت کلاینت و سرور از گروه ES8266 ارسال اطلاعات از طریق پروتکل TCP/IP ESP8266 serial WIFI model ESP-07 Authenticity Guaranteed


 دریافت دیتا شیت

معرفی ماژولESP8266

Firmware can be achieved

Convenient development environment, free virtual machine and familiar with the Linux system, directly in the Windows environment to develop, save development time, ahead of the market to seize

Add AT + CLDSTART, start the cloud connection, the default parameters for the security can Ai-Cloud cloud platform, the implementation of this directive, the system will automatically maintain the cloud connection and heartbeat package, and disconnected. The system handles all protocol layers

AT + CLDSTOPStop the cloud connection. Release all cloud-related system resources

AT + CLDSEND =Send data to the cloud

Parameter is the data length, the implementation of this command, the system will return ">", then you can send a certain length of data

Data reception

The following are the same as the "When the cloud data comes, you will receive + CLD

Len is the data length, data is the specific data

Smart connection



This is done using ESP_TOUCH technology

(1.2.0 version can be directly after the command "AT + CWSTARTSMART", do not need to set the parameters, SmartConfig type can be automatically obtained, no need to set

Added to join the cloud family group instructionsAT + LANSTART, Can be easily joined the cloud family group, andAPPEnd connection to control

Added exit to cloud family group instructionsAT + CLDUNBIND, Module cloud control transfer? A command to exit the cloud family group, no longer bound by binding

AddedWPSFeatures,AT + CWWPSSTARTDirectly openWPS, More convenient configurationWiFiconnection

AddedATinstructionAT + CIOWRITECan be setIOState, an instruction can be controlled differentlyIOThe high and low levels

AddedATinstructionAT + CIOREADCan be readIOState, an instruction can be read differentlyIOstatus

AddedATinstructionAT + CSYSHEAPYou can view the rest at any timeRAMSize, the remaining space to grasp

AddedATinstructionAT + CIOADCCan be readADC, The input voltage range is0 ~ 1V

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