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ماژول HTU21 اورجینال

سنسور دما و رطوبت HTU21
ماژول اندازه گیری دما و رطوبت با پروتکل I2C، دوسیمه Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module
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ماژول اندازه گیری دما و رطوبت با پروتکل I2C، دوسیمه Temperature and Humidity Sensor Module


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Product introduction
The HTU21D(F) is a new digital humidity sensor with temperature output by MEAS. Setting new standards in
terms of size and intelligence, it is embedded in a reflow solderable Dual Flat No leads (DFN) package with a
small 3 x 3 x 0.9 mm footprint. This sensor provides calibrated, linearized signals in digital, I2C format
HTU21D(F) digital humidity sensors are dedicated humidity and temperature plug and play transducers for OEM
applications where reliable and accurate measurements are needed. Direct interface with a micro-controller is
made possible with the module for humidity and temperature digital outputs. These low power sensors are
designed for high volume and cost sensitive applications with tight space constraints
Every sensor is individually calibrated and tested. Lot identification is printed on the sensor and an electronic
identification code is stored on the chip – which can be read out by command. Low battery can be detected and
a checksum improves communication reliability. The resolution of these digital humidity sensors can be changed
(by command (8/12bit up to 12/14bit for RH/T
With MEAS’ improvements and miniaturization of this sensor, the performance-to-price ratio has been improved
– and eventually, any device should benefit from its cutting edge energy saving operation mode
Optional PTFE filter/membrane (F) protects HTU21D digital humidity sensors against dust and water immersion
as well as against contamination by particles. PTFE filter/membranes preserve a high response time. The white
PTFE filter/membrane is directly stuck on the sensor housing

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