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LM2901D اورجینال کیفیت

آیسی LM2901D
مقایسه کننده 4 کانال ولتاژ پایین Comparator Quad ±16V/32V
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نقد و بررسی اجمالی

مقایسه کننده 4 کانال ولتاژ پایین Comparator Quad ±16V/32V


■ Wide single supply voltage range or dual
supplies for all devices: +2 V to +36 V or ±1 V
to ±18 V
■ Very low supply current (1.1 mA) independent
of supply voltage (1.4 mW/comparator at +5 V)
■ Low input bias current: 25 nA typ.
■ Low input offset current: ±5 nA typ.
■ Input common-mode voltage range includes
negative rail
■ Low output saturation voltage:
250 mV typ. (IO = 4 mA)
■ Differential input voltage range equal to the
supply voltage
■ TTL, DTL, ECL, MOS, CMOS compatible

Product Technical Specifications

EU RoHS Compliant 
Part Status Active
HTS 8542330001
Automotive No
Manufacturer Type Voltage Comparator
Number of Channels per Chip 4
Rail to Rail No
Process Technology Bipolar
Typical Response Time (us) 1.3
Typical Response Time Range (us) 0.5 to 5
Output Type Open Collector
Maximum Operating Supply Voltage (V) 32|±16
Maximum Input Offset Voltage (mV) 7@5V
Minimum Single Supply Voltage (V) 2
Typical Single Supply Voltage (V) 28|24|18|15|12|9|5|3
Maximum Single Supply Voltage (V) 32
Minimum Dual Supply Voltage (V) ±1
Typical Dual Supply Voltage (V) ±15|±12|±9|±5|±3
Maximum Dual Supply Voltage (V) ±16
Typical Voltage Gain (dB) 106.02
Typical Voltage Gain Range (dB) 90 to 110
Maximum Input Bias Current (uA) 0.25@5V
Typical Output Current (mA) 16@5V
Maximum Quiescent Current (mA) 2@5V
Power Supply Type Dual|Single
Minimum Operating Temperature (°C) -40
Maximum Operating Temperature (°C) 125
Packaging Tube
Standard Package Name SOP
Pin Count 14
Supplier Package SOIC
Mounting Surface Mount
Package Height 1.65(Max)
Package Length 8.75(Max)
Package Width 4(Max)
PCB changed 14
Lead Shape Gull-wing
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