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3F8419XZZ-QZ89 اورجینال-واردات مستقیم از کره جنوبی

3F8419XZZ-QZ89 سامسونگ
میکروپرسسور سامسونگ 8 بیتی - 8BIT MICRO PERESSESOR samsung QFP-44
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میکروپرسسور سامسونگ 8 بیتی - 8BIT MICRO PERESSESOR samsung QFP-44


Description :

The 3F8419XZZ-QZ89 single-chip CMOS microcontrollers are fabricated using the highly advanced CMOS process technology based on Samsung’s latest CPU architecture. The S3C84I9X is a microcontroller with a 32K-byte mask-programmable ROM embedded.

Samsung’s S3C8-series of 8-bit single-chip CMOS microcontrollers offers a fast and efficient CPU, a wide range of integrated peripherals, and various mask-programmable ROM sizes.

The major CPU features are:

1. Efficient register-oriented architecture

2. Selectable CPU clock sources

3. Idle and Stop power-down mode released by interrupt or reset

4. Built-in basic timer with watchdog function

Features :

1. CPU

• SAM8RC CPU core

2. Memory

• 528-bytes internal register file(S3C84I9X/F84I9X)

• 272-bytes internal register file(S3C84I8X/F84I8X)

• 8Kbytes program memory (S3C84I8X/F84I8X) – Half-Flash

• 32Kbytes program memory (S3C84I9X/F84I9X)

Pinouts :

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