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SG3526N کیفیت بالا - چیپ تایوان

درایور PWM اریجینال 400 کیلوهرتز 8 تا 35 ولت کاری Pulse Width Modulator Control Circuit,DIP-18
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برند: OTHER پکیج: DIP-18 وزن: 3.0g ابعاد: 0.457x2.324x0.66 دیتاشیت

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درایور PWM اریجینال 400 کیلوهرتز 8 تا 35 ولت کاری Pulse Width Modulator Control Circuit,DIP-18


Pulse Width Modulator Control Circuit,DIP-16

The SG3526 is a high performance pulse width modulator integrated
circuit intended for fixed frequency switching regulators and other power
control applications.
Functions included in this IC are a temperature compensated voltage
reference, sawtooth oscillator, error amplifier, pulse width modulator, pulse
metering and steering logic, and two high current totem pole outputs ideally
suited for driving the capacitance of power FETs at high speeds.
Additional protective features include soft start and undervoltage lockout,
digital current limiting, double pulse inhibit, adjustable dead time and a data
latch for single pulse metering. All digital control ports are TTL and B–series
CMOS compatible. Active low logic design allows easy wired–OR
connections for maximum flexibility. The versatility of this device enables
implementation in single–ended or push–pull switching regulators that are
transformerless or transformer coupled. The SG3526 is specified over a
junction temperature range of 0
° to +125°C

 دریافت دیتا شیت

درایور PWM  اریجینال 400 کیلوهرتز 8 تا 35 ولت کاری

استفاده در انواع صنایع از جمله درایورو پالس ساز   انواع بردهای درایو دستگاه های جوش و برش و اینورتری
مدارات عمومی
درایورهای دور موتور و .....

ویژگی ها:

• 8.0 V to 35 V Operation
• 5.1 V 1.0% Trimmed Reference
• 100 Hz to 400 kHz Oscillator Range
• Separate Oscillator Sync Pin
• Adjustable Deadtime Control
• Input Undervoltage Lockout
• Latching PWM to Prevent Multiple Pulses
• Pulse−by−Pulse Shutdown
• Dual Source/Sink Outputs: 400 mA Peak
• Pb−Free Packages are Available*

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