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مبدل ولتاژ باک -ولتاژ خروجی قابل تنظیم از 1 ولت تا 0.9 مقدار ولتاژ ورودی - خروجی 600 میلی آمپر -فرکانس کاری 1.25MHZ - دارای محافظ حرارتی و اتصال کوتاه خروجی - دارای پایه کنترلی خاموش و روشن Asynchronous Step Down Converter


کانورتور باک 

ورودی ولتاژ 4.5 تا 52 ولت 

The HT7463A/B is a current mode buck converter.
With a wide input range from 4.5V to 52V,
the HT7463A/B is suitable for a wide range of
applications such as power conditioning from
unregulated sources. Having a low internal switch
typical RDSON value of 0.9Ω, the device has a good
operating typical efficiency value of 85% and the
added advantage of reduced junction temperature.
The operating frequency is fxed at 1250/550kHz for
the HT7463A/HT7463B respectively. The HT7463A
allows the use of small external components while
still being able to have low output voltage ripple.
A soft-start function can be implemented using the
enable pin and by connecting an external RC circuit
allowing the user to tailor the soft-start time to a
specifc application.

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