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LMC567CM/LMC567 اریجینال

LMC567 Low-Power Tone Decoder دیکودر SOIC-8
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برند: OTHER پکیج: SOIC-8 وزن: 2.0g دیتاشیت
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LMC567 Low-Power Tone Decoder دیکودر SOIC-8


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LMC567 Low-Power Tone Decoder
دیکودر SOIC-8

1 Features 3 Description
The LMC567 device is a low-power, general-purpose 1• Functionally Similar to LM567
• 2-V to 9-V Supply Voltage Range LMCMOS tone decoder which is functionally similar to the industry standard LM567. The device consists
• Low Supply Current Drain of a twice frequency voltage-controlled oscillator
• No Increase in Current With Output Activated (VCO) and quadrature dividers which establish the
• Operates to 500-kHz Input Frequency reference signals for phase and amplitude detectors.
• High Oscillator Stability The phase detector and VCO form a phase-locked
• Ground-Referenced Input loop (PLL) which locks to an input signal frequency which is within the control range of the VCO. When
• Hysteresis Added to Amplitude Comparator the PLL is locked and the input signal amplitude
• Out-of-Band Signals and Noise Rejected exceeds an internally pre-set threshold, a switch to
• 20-mA Output Current Capability ground is activated on the output pin. External
components set up the oscillator to run at twice the
2 Applications input frequency and determine the phase and amplitude filter time constants.
• Touch-Tone Decoding
Device Information (1) • Precision Oscillators
• Frequency Monitoring and Control PART NUMBER PACKAGE BODY SIZE (NOM)
• Wide-Band FSK Demodulation LMC567 SOIC (8) 4.90 mm × 3.91 mm
• Ultrasonic Controls (1) For all available packages, see the orderable addendum at the end of the data sheet.
• Carrier Current Remote Controls
• Communications Paging Decoders

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