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TDA7376/TDA7376B اریجینال

آمپلی فایر 2*35 وات خودرو 2x 35W dual/quad power amplifier for car radio ST MULTIWATT-15
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آمپلی فایر 2*35 وات خودرو 2x 35W dual/quad power amplifier for car radio ST MULTIWATT-15


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آمپلی فایر 2*35 وات خودرو
 2x 35W dual/quad power amplifier for car radio

 High output power capability:
– 2 x 40 W max./ 4 
– 2 x 35W/4 EIAJ
– 2 x 25W/4 (14.4 V, 1 kHz, 10%)
– 2 x 25W/2 (14.4 V, 1 kHz, 10%)
 2  driving
 Differential inputs
 Minimum external components count
 Internally fixed gain (26 db)
 Mute function (cmos compatible)
 Automute at minimum supply voltage detection
 Standby function
 No audible pop during mute and standby
 Clipping detector with programmable distortion

– short circuit (out to ground, out to supply
voltage, across the load)
– overrating chip temperature with soft
thermal limiter
– load dump voltage
– fortuitous open ground
– loudspeaker dc current
The TDA7376B is a new technology dual bridge
audio amplifier in Multiwatt 15 package designed
for car radio applications. Thanks to the fully
complementary PNP/NPN output stage
configuration the TDA7376B delivers a rail-to-rail
voltage swing with no need of bootstrap
Differential input pairs, that will accept either
single ended or differential input signals,
guarantee high noise immunity making the device
suitable for both car radio and car boosters
The audio mute control, that attenuates the output
signal of the audio amplifiers, suppresses pop
On - Off transients and cuts any noises coming
from previous stages. The standby control, that
de-biases the amplifiers, reduces the cost of the
power switch. The on-board programmable
distortion detector allows compression facility
whenever the amplifier is over driven, so limiting
the distortion at any levels inside the presettable

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