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UC3846DW SMD اریجینال واردات از Digi-Key اتریش

Current Mode PWM Controller آیسی PWM اریجینال TI اس ام دی
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90,300 تومان 76,700 تومان
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86,700 تومان 73,700 تومان
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83,200 تومان 70,700 تومان
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Current Mode PWM Controller آیسی PWM اریجینال TI اس ام دی


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Current Mode PWM Controller
آیسی PWM اریجینال TI  اس ام دی

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1 Features 3 Description
The UC1846/7 family of control devices provides all 1• Automatic Feedforward Compensation
• Programmable Pulse-by-Pulse Current Limiting of the necessary features to implement fixed- frequency, current-mode control schemes while
• Automatic Symmetry Correction in Push-Pull maintaining a minimum external parts count. The
Configuration superior performance of this technique can be
• Enhanced Load Response Characteristics measured in improved line regulation, enhanced load
• Parallel Operation Capability for Modular Power response characteristics, and a simpler, easier-to- design control loop. Topological advantages include
Systems inherent pulse-by-pulse current limiting capability,
• Differential Current Sense Amplifier with Wide automatic symmetry correction for push-pull
Common Mode Range converters, and the ability to parallel power modules
• Double-Pulse Suppression while maintaining equal current sharing.
• 500-mA (Peak) Totem-pole Outputs Protection circuitry includes built-in undervoltage
• ±1% Band Gap Reference lockout and programmable current limit, in addition to
soft-start capability. A shutdown function is also
• Undervoltage Lockout available, which can initiate either a complete
• Soft-Start Capability shutdown with automatic restart or latch the supply
• Shutdown Terminal off.
• 500-kHz Operation Other features include fully-latched operation, doublepulse
suppression, deadline adjust capability, and a
2 Applications ±1% trimmed band gap reference.
• Telecommunication Power Converters The UC1846 features low outputs in the OFF state,
• Industrial Power Converters while the UCx847 features high outputs in the OFF

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