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ماژول ساعت دقیق PCF8563 اورجینال

ماژول ساعت فوق دقیق
10.1 %
31,700 تومان 28,500 تومان
12.3 %
30,900 تومان 27,800 تومان
14.2 %
30,300 تومان 27,200 تومان
16.1 %
29,600 تومان 26,600 تومان
توجه: حداقل تعداد خرید این محصول 1 عدد می باشد.
پکیج: Module وزن: 4.7g ابعاد: 4.5x1.5 دیتاشیت

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ماژول ساعت فوق دقیق


دریافت دیتا شیت

PCF8563 is a PHILIPS company launched an industrial I2C bus interface with a very low power consumption of multi-functional clock / calendar chip. PCF8563 a variety of alarm function, timer function, clock output function and interrupt output function to complete a variety of complex timing services, and even for the microcontroller to provide watchdog function. It is a cost-effective clock chip, which has been widely used in the field of electric meters, water meters, gas meters, telephones, fax machines, portable instruments and battery powered instruments and meters

:Main performance index of PCF8563
You can use the standby battery
Wide voltage range of 1.0~5.5V
This ultra low power consumption: the typical value is 0.25uA
It through the I2C bus serial input / output
This programmable clock output frequency: 32.768KHz, 1024Hz, 32Hz, 1Hz
four alarm and timer function
It includes a reset circuit, oscillator capacitor and power failure detection circuit
Open drain interrupt output
400KHZ read and write speed
Two, module interface description
Left battery mounting interface

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