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نام قطعه
ماژول رادار دوپلر میکرو ویو HB100
نام کامل قطعه
ماژول تشخیص حرکت مایکرویوبا فرکانس کاری 10.525GHz
7.8000 گرم
37 cm
45 cm
8 cm
دیتا شیت
قیمت فروش
63,600 تومان
61,900 تومان
60,100 تومان
58,400 تومان
توجه: حداقل تعداد خرید این محصول 1 عدد می باشد.

ماژول رادار دوپلر میکرو ویو HB100 با فرکانس 10.525GHz اشکار ساز حرکت تا فاصله حدود 20 متر - زاویه آشکار ساز حرکت عمودی 36 درجه و افقی 72 درجه


 دریافت دیتا شیت


Size: 37mmX45mmX8mm

 the main chip: HB100

work voltage: DC 5V

HB100 is the use of microwave Doppler radar module (Doppler Radar) design principles of the microwave detector moving objects, mainly used in automatic door control switches, security systems, ATM ATM automated video control systems, automatic train signal, etc. place. HB100 is the standard 10.525GHz microwave Doppler radar detector, the detection method compared with other detection methods have the following advantages: 1, non-contact detection; 2, independent of temperature, humidity, noise, air, dust, light other effects, suitable for harsh environments; 3, anti-RF interference ability; 4, the output power is small, constitute a hazard to humans; 5, distance: more than 20 meters detection range.

5,Doppler Principle: Doppler theory based on time, when radio waves encounter an object in the moving process will be reflected when the waves, the frequency of the reflected wave will hit the object with the movement to change state. If the radio waves encounter an object position is fixed, then the reflected wave frequency and transmitting frequency waves should be equal. If the object moves toward the launch, then the reflected waves will be compressed, that will increase the frequency of the reflected wave; otherwise the reflected wave's frequency decreases


 transmission frequency: 10.525 GHz
Frequency Setting Accuracy: 3MHz
 Output power (minimum): 13dBm EIRP
 Operating voltage: 5V ± 0.25V
Operating Current (CW): 60mA max., 37mA typical
harmonic emission: <-10dBm
7 Pulse mode
 average current (5% DC): 2mA typ
 Pulse Width (Min.): 5uSec
 load cycles (Min.): 1%


Sensitivity (10dB S / N ratio) 3Hz to 80Hz band width:-86dBm 3Hz to 80Hz bandwidth of clutter 10uV
 Antenna Gain: 8dBi
Vertical 3dB beamwidth: 36 degrees
horizontal 3dB beam width: 72 degrees
 Weight: 8 grams

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