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ای سی تقویت کننده،اپ امپ عملیاتی دقیق ولتاژ کاری 40 ولت Precision Operational Amplifiers


 دریافت دیتا شیت

The LM11C is a precision, low drift operational amplifier providing the best features of existing FET and Bipolar op amps. Implementation of super gain transistors allows reduction of input bias currents by an order of magnitude over earlier devices such as the LM308A. Offset voltage and drift have also been reduced. Although bandwidth and slew rate are not as great as FET devices, input offset voltage, drift and bias current are inherently lower, particularly over temperature. Power consumption is also much lower, eliminating warm-up stabilization time in critical applications.

Offset balancing is provided, with the range determined by an external low resistance potentiometer. Compensation is provided internally, but external compensation can be added for improved stability when driving capacitive loads.

The precision characteristics of the LM11C make this device ideal for applications such as charge integrators, analog memories, electrometers, active filters, light meters and logarithmic amplifiers


Low Input Offset Voltage: 100 nV

Low Input Bias Current: 17 pA

Low Input Offset Current: 0.5 pA

Low Input Offset Voltage Drift: 1.0 pV/°C Long-Term Stability: 10 uV/year

High Common Mode Rejection: 130 dB

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