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ماژول بلوتوث HC-08 BLUETOOTH UART
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دیتا شیت
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ماژول بلوتوث با ارتباط سریال و پشتیبانی بلوتوث ورژن چهار HC-08 HC-08 Bluetooth UART communication


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Bluetooth Modem - Minimum Pass-through Module HC08 is a new generation data transmission module based on Bluetooth Specification V4.0 BLE protocol


Its wireless working frequency band is 2.4GHz ISM with GFSK modulation method. The maximum transmit power is 4d Bm. Its receiving sensitivity is -93d Bm. In the wide open environment, it can reach 80m super long-range communication with iphone4s. It has integrated stamp package holes and pins welding holes. You can both mount package and weld pins. It is very convenient to be embedded into the application system. With built-in LED indicator, you can visually see the connection status of Bluetooth. This module adopts core CC2540F256 configured 256K bit. It supports AT commands. Users can change roles(master/slave mode) as well as parameters like Baud rate and the device name according to their own requirements. It is very flexible to use.

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