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FT800Q اورجینال

درایور حرفه ای ال سی دی های رنگی TFT تا رزولوشن ۵۱۲X۵۱۲ پیکسل با دقت 18 بیت با رابط SPI و I2C و مموری 256 کیلو بایت
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پکیج: VQFN-48 ابعاد: 0.1x0.7x0.7 دیتاشیت
دسته بندی اصلی: الکترونیک

نقد و بررسی اجمالی

درایور حرفه ای ال سی دی های رنگی TFT تا رزولوشن ۵۱۲X۵۱۲ پیکسل با دقت 18 بیت با رابط SPI و I2C و مموری 256 کیلو بایت


 دریافت دیتا شیت

The FT800 is an easy to use graphic controller targeted for embedded applications to generate high-quality Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs). It has the following features

FT800 functionality includes graphic controller

audio processing, and resistive touch controller

Embedded Video Engine (EVE) with widget support can offload the system MPU and provide a variety of graphic features  Built-in graphics operations allow users with

little expertise to create high-quality display  Integrated with 4-wire touch-screen controller

incorporating median filtering and touch force sensing. Hardware engine can recognize touch tags and track touch movement. It provides notification for up to 255 touch tags.  Standard serial interface to host MPU/MCU

with SPI up to 30MHz or I²C clocking up to 3.4MHz  Programmable interrupt controller provides

interrupts to host MPU/MCU  Built-in 12MHz crystal oscillator with PLL

providing 48MHz or 36MHz system clock  Video RGB parallel output (default RGB data

width of 6-6-6) with 2 bit dithering; configurable to support resolution up to 512x512 and LCD R/G/B data width of 1 to 6  Programmable timing to adjust HSYNC and

(VSYNC timing, enabling interface to numerous displays  Support for LCD display in WQVGA (480x272

and QVGA (320x240) formats with data enable (DE) support mode and VSYNC/HSYNC mode  The FT800 calculates for 8-bit colour despite

only providing pins for 6-bit (RGB-6,6,6); this improves the half tone appearance  Display enable control output to LCD panel

Mono audio channel output with PWM output

64 voice polyphonic sound synthesizer

Audio wave playback for mono 8-bit linear

PCM, 4-bit ADPCM and µ-Law coding format at sampling frequency from 8 kHz to 48 kHz. Built-in digital filter reduces the system design complexity of external filtering  PWM output for backlight dimming control for

LED  Low power consumption for portable


, 24mA active (typical) and 10-25 uA sleep (typical)  No frame buffer RAM required

Advanced object oriented architecture enables

low cost MPU/MCU as system host using I2C and SPI interfaces  Power mode control allows chip to be put in

power down, sleep and standby states  Supports host interface I/O voltage from 1.8V

to 3.3V  Internal voltage regulator supplies 1.2V to the

digital core  -40°C to 85°C extended operating

temperature range  Available in a compact Pb-free, VQFN-48

7mm X 7mm X 0.9mm package, RoHS compliant

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