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دیتا شیت
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ای سی 4 گیت سوئیچ آنالوگ با پایه فعال کننده مجزا CMOS QUAD BILATERAL SWITCH


 دریافت دیتا شیت

15-V Digital or ±7.5-V Peak-to-Peak Switching

125-Ω Typical On-State Resistance for 15-V Operation

Switch On-State Resistance Matched to Within 5 Ω Over 15-V Signal-Input Range

On-State Resistance Flat Over Full Peak-to-Peak Signal Range

High On/Off Output-Voltage Ratio: 80 dB Typical at fis = 10 kHz, RL = 1 kΩ

High Degree of Linearity: 0.5% Distortion Typical at fis = 1 kHz, Vis = 5 V p-p, VDD – VSS 10 V, RL = 10 kΩ

Extremely High Control Input Impedance (Control Circuit Isolated From Signal Circuit): 1012 Ω Typical

Low Crosstalk Between Switches: –50 dB Typical at fis = 8 MHz, RL = 1 kΩ

Matched Control-Input to Signal-Output Capacitance: Reduces Output Signal Transients

Frequency Response, Switch On = 40 MHz Typical

100% Tested for Quiescent Current at 20 V

5-V, 10-V, and 15-V Parametric Ratings

Meets All Requirements of JEDEC Tentative Standard No. 13-B, Standard Specifications for Description of “B” Series CMOS Devices


 – Analog Signal Switching/Multiplexing

Signal Gating, Modulator, Squelch Control, Demodulator, Chopper, Commutating Switch

– Digital Signal Switching/Multiplexing

– Transmission-Gate Logic Implementation

– Analog-to-Digital and Digital-to-Analog Conversion

– Digital Control of Frequency, Impedance, Phase, and Analog-Signal Gain

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