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ای سی تغذیه،آفلاین سوئیچر Energy-Efficient, Off-Line Switcher with Line Compensated Overload Power
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ای سی تغذیه،آفلاین سوئیچر Energy-Efficient, Off-Line Switcher with Line Compensated Overload Power


Lowest System Cost with Enhanced Flexibility
• 725 V rated MOSFET
• Increases BV de-rating margin
• Line compensated overload power – no additional components
• Dramatically reduces max overload variation over universal input
voltage range
• ±5% turn on UV threshold: line voltage sense with single external
• Simple ON/OFF control, no loop compensation needed
• Selectable current limit through BP/M capacitor value
• Higher current limit extends peak power or, in open frame
applications, maximum continuous power
• Lower current limit improves efficiency in enclosed adapters/
• Allows optimum TinySwitch™-4 choice by swapping devices with
no other circuit redesign
• Tight I2f parameter tolerance reduces system cost
• Maximizes MOSFET and magnetics utilization
• ON-time extension – extends low-line regulation range/hold-up time
to reduce input bulk capacitance
• Self-biased: no bias winding or bias components
• Frequency jittering reduces EMI filter costs
• Pin-out simplifies heat sinking to the PCB
• SOURCE pins are electrically quiet for low EMI
Enhanced Safety and Reliability Features
• Accurate hysteretic thermal shutdown protection with automatic
recovery eliminates need for manual reset
• Auto-restart delivers <3% of maximum power in short-circuit and
open loop fault conditions
• Output overvoltage shutdown with optional Zener
• Fast AC reset with optional UV external resistor
• Very low component count enhances reliability and enables
single-sided printed circuit board layout
• High bandwidth provides fast turn-on with no overshoot and
excellent transient load response
• Extended creepage between DRAIN and all other pins improves field
EcoSmart™– Extremely Energy Efficient
• Easily meets all global energy efficiency regulations
• No-load <30 mW with bias winding, <150 mW at 265 VAC without
bias winding
• ON/OFF control provides constant efficiency down to very light loads
– ideal for mandatory CEC regulations and EuP standby requirements
• PC Standby and other auxiliary supplies
• DVD/PVR and other low power set top decoders
• Supplies for appliances, industrial systems, metering, etc
• Chargers/adapters for cell/cordless phones, PDAs, digital cameras,
MP3/portable audio, shavers, etc.

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