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SN65HVD230DR/VP230 اورجینال - کیفیت بالا

آی سی کن باس SN65HVD230DR
SN65HVD23x 3.3-V CAN Bus Transceivers آی سی ارتباطی فرستنده/گیرنده ( کن باس )
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SN65HVD23x 3.3-V CAN Bus Transceivers آی سی ارتباطی فرستنده/گیرنده ( کن باس )


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1 Features
1• Operates with a single 3.3 V Supply
• Compatible With ISO 11898-2 Standard
• Low Power Replacement for the PCA82C250
• Bus Pin ESD Protection Exceeds ±16 kV HBM
• High Input Impedance Allows for Up to 120 Nodes
on a Bus
• Adjustable Driver Transition Times for Improved
Emissions Performance
– SN65HVD230 and SN65HVD231
• SN65HVD230: Low Current Standby Mode
– 370 μA Typical
• SN65HVD231: Ultra Low Current Sleep Mode
– 40 nA Typical
• Designed for Data Rates(1) up to 1 Mbps
• Thermal Shutdown Protection
• Open Circuit Fail-Safe Design
• Glitch Free Power Up and Power Down Protection
for Hot Plugging Applications

2 Applications
• Industrial Automation, Control, Sensors and Drive
• Motor and Robotic Control
• Building and Climate Control (HVAC)
• Telecom and Basestation Control and Status
• CAN Bus Standards Such as CANopen,
DeviceNet, and CAN Kingdom
3 Description
The SN65HVD230, SN65HVD231, and SN65HVD232
controller area network (CAN) transceivers are
compatible to the specifications of the ISO 11898-2
High Speed CAN Physical Layer standard
(transceiver). These devices are designed for data
rates up to 1 megabit per second (Mbps), and include
many protection features providing device and CAN
network robustness. The SN65HVD23x transceivers
are designed for use with the Texas Instruments 3.3
V μPs, MCUs and DSPs with CAN controllers, or with
equivalent protocol controller devices. The devices
are intended for use in applications employing the
CAN serial communication physical layer in
accordance with the ISO 11898 standard

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