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SS443A اورجینال-کیفیت بالا

سنسور اثر هال SS443A
SS400 Series Unipolar Hall-Effect Digital Position Sensor سنسور اثر هال پکیج TO-92S
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SS400 Series Unipolar Hall-Effect Digital Position Sensor سنسور اثر هال پکیج TO-92S


سنجش لرزش، سطح مایع، وزن، موقعیت، جریان
کنترل موتور
خواندن کد مغناطیسی

SS400 Series position sensors have a thermally balanced integrated circuit over the full temperature range. The negative compensation slope is optimized to match the negative temperature coefficient of lower-cost magnets. Bipolar, latching and unipolar magnetics are available.
Bandgap regulation provides extremely stable operation over 3.8V DC to 30V DC supply voltage range.

NOTE: Interruption of power to a latching device may cause the output to change state when power is restored. If a magnetic field of sufficient strength is present, the sensor output will be in the condition dictated by the magnetic field.  

Speed and RPM sensor
Brushless DC motor commutation
Motor and fan control
Magnetic encoding
Tachometer, counter pickup
Disc speed, tape rotation sensing
Flow-rate sensing

Product: Type Hall-Effect Digital Position Sensor IC Package
Package Style: Radial Lead IC (TO-92)
Series Name: SS40
Supply Voltage: 3.8V DC to 30.0V DC
Output Type: Sink
Package material: Plaskon 3300H
Termination Type: PC Board
Magnetic Actuation Type: Unipolar
Operating Temperature Range: -40 °C to 150 °C [-40 °F to 302 °F]
Storage Temperature: -65 °C to 160 °C [-85 °F to 320 °F]
Output Voltage: 0.4V DC max
Switching Time Rise: (10 % to 90 %) 1.5 µs max
Switching Time Fall: (90 % to 10 %) 1.5 µs max
Supply Current(max. @ 25 °C): 10 mA
Output Current (max.): 20 mA
Operate Point @ 25 °C: 18.0 mT [180 G] max
Release Point @ 25 °C: 7.5 mT [75 G] min
Leakage Current: max. 10 µA
Differential: 0.5 mT [5 G] min

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