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2N6027G اورجینال

تریستور 0.1 آمپر 40 ولت 0.1A ,40V, Thyristors,TO-92
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تریستور 0.1 آمپر 40 ولت 0.1A ,40V, Thyristors,TO-92


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مدارات دیمر

Programmable Unijunction
Transistor Triggers
Designed to enable the engineer to “program’’ unijunction
characteristics such as RBB, η, IV, and IP by merely selecting two
resistor values. Application includes thyristor–trigger, oscillator, pulse
and timing circuits. These devices may also be used in special thyristor
applications due to the availability of an anode gate. Supplied in an
inexpensive TO–92 plastic package for high–volume requirements,
this package is readily adaptable for use in automatic insertion
• Programmable — RBB, η, IV and IP
• Low On–State Voltage — 1.5 Volts Maximum @ IF = 50 mA
• Low Gate to Anode Leakage Current — 10 nA Maximum
• High Peak Output Voltage — 11 Volts Typical
• Low Offset Voltage — 0.35 Volt Typical (RG = 10 k ohms
• Device Marking: Logo, Device Type, e.g., 2N6027, Date Code

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