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Analog Devices
دیتا شیت
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ای سی DAC مبدل سیگنال دیجیتال به آنالوگ 10 بیتی 4 کاناله، ولتاژکاری 3.3 تا 5 ولت +3.3 V to +5 V Quad/Octal 10-Bit DACs


 دریافت دیتا شیت

Four 10-Bit DACs in One Package
Serial and Parallel Loading Facilities Available
AD7804 Quad 10-Bit Serial Loading
AD7805 Quad 10-Bit Parallel Loading
AD7808 Octal 10-Bit Serial Loading
AD7809 Octal 10-Bit Parallel Loading
+3.3 V to +5 V Operation
Power-Down Mode
Power-On Reset
(Standby Mode (All DACs/Individual DACs
Low Power All CMOS Construction
10-Bit Resolution
Double Buffered DAC Registers
Dual External Reference Capability
Optical Disk Drives
Instrumentation and Communication Systems
Process Control and Voltage Setpoint Control
Trim Potentiometer Replacement
Automatic Calibration

The AD7804/AD7808 are quad/octal 10-bit digital-to-analog
converters, with serial load capabilities, while the AD7805/AD7809
are quad/octal 10-bit digital-to-analog converters with parallel
load capabilities. These parts operate from a +3.3 V to +5 V
(±10%) power supply and incorporates an on-chip reference
These DACs provide output signals in the form of VBIAS ± VSWING
VSWING is derived internally from VBIAS. On-chip control registers
include a system control register and channel control registers
The system control register has control over all DACs in the
package. The channel control registers allow individual control
of DACs. The complete transfer function of each individual
DAC can be shifted around the VBIAS point using an on-chip
Sub DAC. All DACs contain double buffered data inputs,
which allow all analog outputs to be simultaneously updated
using the asynchronous LDAC input

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