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BITE3 اریجینال Megger آلمان

دستگاه تست امپدانس باتری BITE3 ساخت مگر آلمان
Battery impedance test equipment دستگاه تست امپدانس و مقاومت اتصال داخلی و ولتاژ باتری BITE3 ساخت مگر آلمان

نقد و بررسی اجمالی

Battery impedance test equipment دستگاه تست امپدانس و مقاومت اتصال داخلی و ولتاژ باتری BITE3 ساخت مگر آلمان


  • توضیحات تکمیلی / عملکرد و کاربردها:
    •   Determines health of lead-acid cells up to 2000 Ah
    •   On-line testing with Pass/Warning/Fail calculations
    •   Measures impedance, interconnection resistance and cell voltage
    •   Windows CE operating system with 32 MB of memory
    •   Measures float and ripple currents
    •   Includes PowerDB LITE Management Software

    The Megger BITE3 Battery Impedance Test Equipment determines the health of lead-acid cells up to 2000 Ah by taking measurements of the most important battery parameters. The BITE3 measures cell impedance, an internal ohmic test, cell voltage, intercell connection resistance and ripple current. And, for the first time in a battery instrument, the BITE3 measures float current and the harmonic content of the ripple current. There is even a built-in spectrum analyzer to show the harmonic content of the ripple current. It has firmware that can be upgraded through the Internet and supports multiple languages.

    The BITE3 is one of the easiest instruments to use. Its measurements, along with temperature, specific gravity and other battery data, can provide the best basis for evaluating the overall health of batteries from terminal plate to terminal plate and to a lesser extent, the charger (from ripple current and its harmonic content.) Megger recommends that the BITE3 be made part of a comprehensive battery maintenance program with readings taken and recorded semi-annually for flooded, lead-acid cells and quarterly for VRLA.

    The BITE3 is quick, reliable and easy to use. With a rapid test time, one person can easily, quickly and precisely measure cell and string parameters without taking the system off line.

    It is known that impedance is correlated to battery capacity and
    there has been a long-standing question as to when a user should
    replace a cell. See Figure 2. Recent studies by EPRI* and other
    organizations indicate that when the impedance of a sealed
    battery increases by about 50% from its baseline value, the cell has
    degraded to less than about 70% capacity. BITE3 and PowerDB
    allow the user to trend data and to enter baseline values for
    comparison purposes and to make decisions whether on-site or in
    the office. Both the BITE3’s impedance deviation graph and the
    trend graph in PowerDB clearly show the status of a cell which helps
    users to decide what action needs to be taken to ensure battery
    back up reliability based on users’ criteria.
    A battery’s internal impedance increases as its capacity decreases
    due to various factors such as age, ambient temperature, discharge
    history, etc. The BITE3 measures internal impedance and dc voltage
    for lead-acid cells. It also measures intercell connection resistance,
    float current and ripple current and the harmonic content of the
    ripple current to provide a much better evaluation than any other
    single instrument. Impedance finds electrical path problems due to
    plate sulphation, post-seal corrosion, dry-out (loss of compression),
    poor intracell welds and intercell connections and more. These data
    let the user determine maintenance needs such as:
    ■■ Cell replacement criteria based on impedance trends
    ■■ Jumper out a cell or two
    ■■ Clean and/or retighten intercell connectors
    ■■ Shorten the maintenance interval, etc.,
    ■■ Evaluate float current and ripple current effects
    Typical installations that can be tested using the BITE3 include:
    ■■ Electrical power generation plants
    ■■ Substations — utility, railroad, industrial
    ■■ Telecommunications facilities — OSP, Wireless, POPs,
    MTSOs, Fiber Regens
    ■■ UPS systems — standard and cabinetized batteries
    ■■ Railroad — Signals and Communications, CTC
    ■■ Aircraft power supplies
    ■■ Marine and military
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