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نام قطعه
سنسور مجاورت القایی LJ12A3-4-Z/BX
نام کامل قطعه
Proximity Sensor Inductive NPN-NO Output
45.2000 گرم
6 cm
1 cm
دیتا شیت
قیمت فروش
51,600 تومان
49,800 تومان
48,100 تومان
46,400 تومان
توجه: حداقل تعداد خرید این محصول 1 عدد می باشد.

سنسور سویچ القایی ولتاژ کاری VDC36-6 با خروجی NPN


 دریافت دیتا شیت


The proximity switch is a contactless object detecting device. When the measured object approaches its working surface and reaches a certain distance, the proximity switch automatically emits an object that is close to the "action" signal regardless of whether the detected object is moving or stationary. Instead of mechanical collisions like mechanical travel switches. The inductive head of the inductive proximity switch is an inductive coil with a ferrite core, which can only be used to detect the metal body. The oscillator generates an alternating magnetic field on the surface of the sensing head. When the metal block approaches the sensing head, the metal is generated. The eddy current absorbs the energy of the oscillation, so that the oscillation is weakened and the vibration is stopped, so that two signals of oscillation and stop vibration are generated, and the signal is converted into a binary switching signal by the shaping amplifier, thereby controlling the on and off

Voltage: DC 6-36V 
Output current: 300mA
3 Wire
Polarity: NPN
Dimention: M12x10x55mm
Detection Distance: 4 mm
Ouput Status: Normally Open
Part number: LJ12A3-4-Z/BX
Detection objects: Conductor

Switching frequency: 200HZ
Installation method: Non-buried
Shell material: Metal / ABS
Wire length: 1.2 meters

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