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UC3854N اورجینال- ساخت مالزی

پیش رگولاتور ولتاژ بالا High Power Factor Preregulator
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نقد و بررسی اجمالی

پیش رگولاتور ولتاژ بالا High Power Factor Preregulator


 دریافت دیتا شیت


Control Boost PWM to 0.99 Power Factor

Limit Line Current Distortion To

World-Wide Operation Without Switches

Feed-Forward Line Regulation

Average Current-Mode Control

Low Noise Sensitivity

Low Start-Up Supply Current

Fixed-Frequency PWM Drive

Low-Offset Analog Multiplier/Divider

1A Totem-Pole Gate Driver

Precision Voltage Reference


The UC1854 provides active power factor correction for power systems that otherwise would draw non-sinusoidal current from sinusoidal power lines. This device implements all the control functions necessary to build a power supply capable of optimally using available power-line current while minimizing line-current distortion. To do this, the UC1854 contains a voltage amplifier, an analog multiplier/divider, a current amplifier, and a fixed-frequency PWM. In addition, the UC1854 contains a power MOSFET compatible gate driver, 7.5V reference, line anticipator, load-enable comparator, low-supply detector, and over-current comparator. The UC1854 uses average current-mode control to accomplish fixedfrequency current control with stability and low distortion. Unlike peak current-mode, average current control accurately maintains sinusoidal line current without slope compensation and with minimal response to noise transients. The UC1854’s high reference voltage and high oscillator amplitude minimize noise sensitivity while fast PWM elements permit chopping frequencies above 200kHz. The UC1854 can be used in single and three phase systems with line voltages that vary from 75 to 275 volts and line frequencies across the 50Hz to 400Hz range. To reduce the burden on the circuitry that supplies power to this device, the UC1854 features low starting supply current. These devices are available packaged in 16-pin plastic and ceramic dual in-line packages, and a variety of surface-mount packages

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