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Triple Line Receiver ریسیور 3 کاناله


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برند: Motorola

Triple Line Receiver
The MC10116 is a triple differential amplifier designed for use in
sensing differential signals over long lines. The base bias supply
(VBB) is made available at pin 11 to make the device useful as a
Schmitt trigger, or in other applications where a stable reference
voltage is necessary.
Active current sources provide the MC10116 with excellent
common mode noise rejection. If any amplifier in a package is not
used, one input of that amplifier must be connected to VBB (pin 11) to
prevent upsetting the current source bias network.
Complementary outputs are provided to allow driving twisted pair
lines, to enable cascading of several amplifiers in a chain, or simply to
provide complement outputs of the input logic function.
• PD = 85 mW typ/pkg (No Load)
• tpd = 2.0 ns typ
• tr, tf = 2.0 ns typ (20%–80%)

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