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دیتا شیت
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37,800 تومان 35,300 تومان
37,100 تومان 35,300 تومان
36,600 تومان 34,100 تومان
36,000 تومان 33,600 تومان

میکروکنترلر 8 بیتی میکروچیپ با فلش 28 کیلو بایت و رم 1 کیلو بایت و فرکانس کاری 32 مگاهرتز 64-Pin Flash-Based, 8-Bit CMOS Microcontrollers with LCD Driver with nanoWatt XLP Technology


  دریافت دیتا شیت

دریافت  کتابخانه( ALITUM  DESIGNER )

:High-Performance RISC CPU
 Only 49 Instructions to Learn:
 All single-cycle instructions except branches
: Operating Speed
 DC – 32 MHz oscillator/clock input
 DC – 125 ns instruction cycle
 Up to 16K x 14 Words of Flash Program Memory
( Up to 1024 Bytes of Data Memory (RAM
 Interrupt Capability with Automatic Context Saving
 16-Level Deep Hardware Stack
 Direct, Indirect and Relative Addressing modes
Processor Read Access to Program Memory
:Special Microcontroller Features
: Precision Internal Oscillator
 Factory calibrated to ±1%, typical
 Software selectable frequency range from 32 MHz to 31 kHz
Power-Saving Sleep mode
:( Power-on Reset (POR
( Power-up Timer (PWRT) and Oscillator Start-up Timer (OST
:( Brown-out Reset (BOR
 Selectable between two trip points
 Disable in Sleep option
 Multiplexed Master Clear with Pull-up/Input Pin
Programmable Code Protection
:High Endurance Flash/EEPROM cell
 100,000 write Flash endurance
 1,000,000 write EEPROM endurance
 Flash/Data EEPROM retention: > 40 years
: Wide Operating Voltage Range
( 1.8V-5.5V (PIC16F1946/47
( 1.8V-3.6V (PIC16LF1946/47
:PIC16LF1946/47 Low-Power Features
: Standby Current
 60 nA @ 1.8V, typical
:Operating Current
 7.0 A @ 32 kHz, 1.8V, typical-
 75 A @ 1 MHz, 1.8V, typical-
:Timer1 Oscillator Current
 600 nA @ 32 kHz, 1.8V, typical
: Low-Power Watchdog Timer Current
500 nA @ 1.8V, typical (PIC16LF1946/47)
:Peripheral Features
 Up to 54 I/O Pins and 1 Input-only pin
 High-current source/sink for direct LED drive
 Individually programmable Interrupt-on-pin
change pins
 Individually programmable weak pull-ups
: Integrated LCD Controller
Up to 184 segments
 Variable clock input
 Contrast control
 Internal voltage reference selections
:( Capacitive Sensing Module (mTouchTM
 Up to 16 selectable channels
:A/D Converter
 10-bit resolution and up to 14 channels
Selectable 1.024/2.048/4.096V voltage reference
 Timer0: 8-Bit Timer/Counter with 8-Bit
Programmable Prescaler
: Enhanced Timer1
 Dedicated low-power 32 kHz oscillator driver
16-bit timer/counter with prescaler
 External Gate Input mode with toggle and single shot modes
 Interrupt-on-gate completion
 Timer2, 4, 6: 8-Bit Timer/Counter with 8-Bit Period
Register, Prescaler and Postscaler
:(Two Capture, Compare, PWM Modules (CCP
 16-bit Capture, max. resolution 125 ns
 16-bit Compare, max. resolution 125 ns
 10-bit PWM, max. frequency 31.25 kHz
:( Three Enhanced Capture, Compare, PWM Modules (ECCP
3 PWM time-base options
Auto-shutdown and auto-restart
PWM steering
 Programmable Dead-band Delay

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