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CQM1H-CPU51 اریجینال- ساخت ژاپن

سی پی یو امرن Omron SYSMAC CQM1H PLC CPU Computer Interface, 7200 Words Program Capacity, 16 (DC) Inputs
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سی پی یو امرن Omron SYSMAC CQM1H PLC CPU Computer Interface, 7200 Words Program Capacity, 16 (DC) Inputs


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سی پی یو امرن
Omron SYSMAC CQM1H PLC CPU Computer Interface, 7200 Words Program Capacity, 16 (DC) Inputs 

Product Details


Four different processors available each giving the same standard in built in features. Choose the CPU you require. The inner board options available with the CPU51 and CPU61 allow the CQM1H to become a sophisticated flexible yet compact dedicated controller. You can achieve point to point control of stepper motors and servos, analogue PID control and many other application solutions within the CPU itself.

Standard Features:

CPU51 and CPU61 have 2 Inner Board slots
CPU61 has 2 Inner Board slots & extended memory
Peripheral port for programming & serial communications
Ladder diagram or pneumonic programming
1 step per instruction, 1 to 4 words per instruction
162 instructions (14 basic and 148 special)

16 x 24Vdc NPN/PNP inputs
4 x high speed interrupt/counter inputs
4 x high speed counter encoder connection
I/O is automatically addressed
Requires CQM1 power supply (stock nos. 216-4493, 226-6022 or 227-8132)

CQM1 to CQM1H Equivalence Table
Original CQM1 Equivalent CQM1H
CPU43E CPU51 and PLB21
CPU44E CPU51 and ABB21
CPU45E CPU51 and MAB42


The CQM1H range is a CPU upgrade of the earlier CQM1 CPU range. Original I/O modules and accessories are still current and are fully compatible with the upgraded CPU’s.


Omron CQM1 & CQM1-H

The CQM1H provides a high-speed, flexible and modular general purpose control system. A variety of advanced special inner boards and high capacity program and data memory areas give distributed I/O and control capabilities. Exceptional communications options allow the CQM1H to be fully integrated into supervisory control systems.

Controller Link distributed control system with data link and message services
Advanced special I/O inner boards (5 Options)
256 or 512 I/O points
Up to 11 I/O units

Up to 15.2k words program capacity and 12k words Data Memory area
DIN Rail Mounting
Units clip together, no back plane
Battery backed program, set up and data memory, holding relays and counter PV’s

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For Use With SYSMAC CQM1H Series
Manufacturer Series SYSMAC CQM1H
Number of Inputs 16 (DC)
Input Type DC
Communication Port Type Peripheral, RS232C
Program Capacity 7200 Words
Programming Interface Computer
Length 110mm
Dimensions 110 x 603 x 107 mm
Width 603mm
Maximum Inputs/Outputs 512
Scan Time 0.7 ms
Battery Backup Yes
Programming Language Used Ladder Logic
Mounting Type DIN Rail
Total Memory Available 7200 (Program Memory) Words
Number of Communication Ports 2
Depth 107mm
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